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Mabamba Bay

Mabamba Bay: A Tourism Potential

Mabamba Bay is one of the most important bird areas (IBA)and one of the richest marshy areas along the Northern shores of Lake Victoria. It is the closest place to Kampala (the capital city of Uganda) to watch shoebills and other interesting water birds. All these have attracted a considerable number of both domestic and international tourists. Since the year 2000, tourist arrivals to this wetland have increased from about 240-720 each year. The Shoebill, which brings in a bigger number of tourists, is one of the naturally endangered bird species in Uganda. The bird is most endangered by fishermen since it also feeds on fish for survival. In the past there have been cases of some bird smugglers capturing it for exportation to other countries. Other forms of wildlife threat in Mabamba Bay include wild fires, local hunting which force animals and birds to migrate to other places.

Mabamba Bay is a unique extensive marsh stretching through along narrow bay, fringed with papyrus towards the main body of Lake Victoria. It forms part of Buwaya Bay South-west of Nakiwogo Bay both of which are located in the west of Entebbe International Airport. It lies between Busi Island and Buwaya/Zziba village on the mail land.

Flora and Fauna
Mabamba Bay is dominated by Miscanthus and Cyperus species however there are small patches of Nympea a narrow open water channel. There are also areas of Cladium mariscus and sometimes drifting papyrus Swamp Island.

Apart from the Shoebill, other globally threatened bird specie that are endemic in Mabamba Bay include the Blue Swallows, Papyrus Gonolek and Pallid Harriers, often residents include Grey- headed Gulls, Goliath Herons, Spur-winged and Pygmy Geese and flocks of migratory species like Gull-billed Terns, White-winged Black Terns and Whisked Terns.

Fish types

Lungfish (Emamba), Tilapia (Engege).
Mammals: Sitatunga, (Njobe), Bush pig

There are various tribes that stay around Mabamba Bay. These are both indigenous (Baganda) and non indigenous (Basoga, Banyankole, Bafumbira, Banyoro etc). It I important to note that the majority who are involved in tourism related activities and live closer to the swamp are migrants from other areas and are largely there for economic gains.

Like other parts surrounding Lake Victoria, Mabamba Bay experiences a climate is 1200-1500 mm of rain with average temperature of 17-26degrees centigrade.

The Shoebill Conservation Project.
Objectives of the Project.
About Mabamba

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